Architectural Decorative Stainless Sheet



Architectural Decorative Stainless Sheet

Regular finishing

No.4, HL, No.8(super mirror), VB (vibration), BB(Bead Blasted)

  • Its simple elegance of the surface, with a special design lines, has been able to show the special stainless steel metal texture
  • Using large high-tech equipment to produce quality and stability, capacity and rapid product
  • Widely used in metal products, decorative materials, the appearance of large-scale machinery equipment, home appliances, 3C products, etc.
Custom made pattern available

By using regular finishing material as base, apply etching technique to create texture as designed.

  • In order to fulfill customer requirement, stable and flexible procedure with precise work are the key elements of etching.
  • Different base material can provide different reflection to prettify looking of the material.
  • Several available depth of etching can improve the effect as well.
  • Electrical Plating (Electrical Polishing) technology is an option to become bright or partial bright to create more layer of decoration.
  • Moreover, we have several color plating techniques available for your choice.
Custom made pattern available

By using regular material as base, process more than one finishing onto surface. Consolidating art concept with technology of metal finishing as tailor made art piece decorate not only your space as well as your taste in life.

  • Available finishing: No.8, HL in different directions, vibration, bead blasted, etching, partial coloring, electrical plating.
  • Choosing different base material, finishings, and colors can generate more layers on the surface. With lighting design improve geometrical view to fulfill your decorative space.
Custom made pattern available
PVD Coloring

PVD (Physical Vacuum Deposition) is well applied in various purpose in industrial products. PVD coloring is the best way to demonstrate perfect match of metal finishing with color.

  • 1.Gold 2.Caramel 3.Cocoa 4.Bronze 5.Black 6.Rosy 7.Zirconium 8.Champagne 9.Copper
  • Different finishings for same color tone might react differently. Different lighting will also create different view as well. All color should be confirmed base on sample.
  • Partial coloring technology is available to apply. Please contact with our personnel for more detail.
Custom made pattern available
Hi-Tech Nano dyeing

Nano dyeing technique is popular in Japan and Korea. It is a deep dye antique color on stainless surface which is well accepted by many design firms as decorative choice. It is better coloring after formed in sharp and stable coated in many purpose. For its flexible color tone and formation, it is becoming better option for coloring.

Custom made pattern available
Decorative Emboss plate

Not like regular emboss plate for non-slip, decorative emboss plate is made by much higher precise technology for better textures with design. With selected colors, it is well applied in interior design.

Custom made pattern available